In my cupboard: Raw Almond Butter

We all know that we should be eating almonds, they are a great snack, etc. etc. I eat almonds, but lately I have been a big fan of almond butter – it is fabulous on banana’s, great in smoothies and easy to throw in just about anything that needs a dose of some healthy fats and protein!
What are the benefits of almonds?
– high in monosaturated fats (good fats, similar to olive oil)
– high in Vitamin E
– can help lower LDL cholesterol
– they are a low glycemic food and can actually help lower the glycemic index of a meal ie. almond butter on toast
– Heart healthy
– source of antioxidants
– great source of protein
– portable and easy to bring anywhere!

photos by Rune T & domestifluff



Filed under antioxidants, raw foods, smoothie, Snack of the Day, vegan

3 responses to “In my cupboard: Raw Almond Butter

  1. Cafe Cyan

    I love to throw a little dab of it in my smoothies with strawberry and banana. Yum!

  2. MaryBeth Hughes

    i’ve been meaning to try some almond butter. what’s your favorite brand?

  3. Emily

    I’ve been buying the MaraNatha brand which I like a lot!

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