Here Comes the Sun

And by that I mean Sunshine Burgers – these veggie burgers first of all taste wonderful (not in a “trying to be a real burger” kind of way) and I love the ingredient list – simple and short. I tried the Garden Herb variety which I simply heated and served with a little mustard and catsup.  I loved that it was kind of crispy and can’t wait to eat another one! I am also VERY excited because while visiting their website I saw that they have 2 new varieties coming out: Falafel and Breakfast. I LOVE falafel!!!

Organic Ground Raw Sun-flower Seeds
Organic Brown Rice
Organic Carrots
Organic Herbs
Sea Salt



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7 responses to “Here Comes the Sun

  1. Anonymous

    Did you really write ‘catsup’…really?

  2. Emily

    I thought you could spell either way….? Spelling has never been a strong point of mine… 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    spelling is fine…just hate that word – it’s ketchup.

  4. MaryBeth Hughes

    wow, what a-hole of a post that guy had 😉

    i’m assuming you got the burgers at whole foods? i can’t wait to pick some up!

    oh and the baking pic is an illustration by kelly kirk’s sister!

  5. Emily

    I was wondering if there was a relation!
    Yes, I found at WF, but I know they have it at some of the co-ops too – definitely worth trying!

  6. I had to try two times over the last few days to access your website. Are you having problems with hosting? Or is it on my end?

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