The Juicy Lucy – a Minnesota Classic

I know, I know this is supposed to be a “health” food blog…but sometimes classic culinary excursions are necessary.  And I’m not one to turn those down. The Nook has been around in St. Paul since 1938 (I told you this was a historical event) – they serve the “Juicy Lucy” and about 18 other variations on it. For you non-Minnesotan’s, a juicy lucy is a very healthy take on the cheeseburger. Oh, I mean it is a burger stuffed to the max with cheese.  So much so that when you take a bite, every last bit of cheese squirts out of the burger and you are left with a hole in the middle of the burger. Was it worth trying it? Yes, I can now cross it off my list. Would I get it again? Probably not. And not because it was loaded with fat and calories. And not because I didn’t enjoy it. (I did)  I guess I just enjoy eating the cheese with the burger 🙂  But the Nook is quite the atmosphere and if you are feeling like a beer and a burger you should check this hole in the wall out!


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  1. Cafe Cyan

    I love The Nook and get the Paul Molitor (the one with pepperjack cheese). Haven’t been there in a long time!! Their fries are awesome too.

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