Is this why French Women are thin?

France is sounding better and better.  Fresh baguettes, real butter and wine anyone? 
They spend more time eating, more time sleeping than most other countries – which are both recommended when trying to lose weight.  What does this message mean to those of us here in America? 
Sit down to eat and get to bed! 
Read the report here
photo by Delov-Martin Deak


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2 responses to “Is this why French Women are thin?

  1. MaryBeth Hughes

    sounds great to me…fyi, i bought naturally thin. so far so good!

  2. Lori

    I’m so intrigued by the French culture, or pretty much any culture for that matter. Other countries seem to be able to hold onto traditional practices and foods while we in the US seem to lose them to busy schedules and the desire for quick convenience. I’ll take the French way for sure and try to incorporate many of their regular food-related practices. 🙂

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