Purely Decadent made with Coconut Milk

I actually got to know the freezer-guy at my co-op over this ice cream.  That’s how much I requested it, asked if it was there yet and I’m sure generally just drove him crazy. But let me tell you, it was worth it.  It’s now at a lot of Whole Foods, co-ops and even the little health-food stores.  

Why do I love this ice-cream?  Let me count the ways….i love coconut, it is extra creamy, sweetened with agave syrup (lower glycemic index), vegan, no soy, no trans fats, made with Organic ingredients, and it even has fiber (plain coconut has 6g per 1/2 cup). 
Flavors I’ve tried: Coconut, Vanilla Bean, Cookie Dough (All fabulous)  I also just spotted the new Passionate Mango flavor which I will be trying next ice cream purchase!
Visit their website for more information!


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6 responses to “Purely Decadent made with Coconut Milk

  1. Chelsea - Boston, MA

    I love this coconut milk dessert as well and was so excited that they came out with a coconut milk beverage and yogurt. YUM!!!

  2. Emily

    Excellent point! I’ve tried both, did you like them?

  3. Chelsea - Boston, MA

    Yes, I drink the unsweetened coconut milk every morning instead of soy milk. The yogurt is to die for. I should have stock in this company because I am buying this stuff by the shopping cart full. YUM!!!!

  4. Moxie58

    I got the coconut milk last week and I’ve had corn flakes every morning for breakfast — it’s been more than a decade since I could do that. And the yogurt is wonderful, too.

    I’m allergic to milk products and a supertaster, too, so soy milk is too bitter for me.

  5. Tara

    The mango is fantastic. I also like the mint chocolate chip. I am trying to keep it on the down low that this stuff is actually better than ice cream, lest my roommates and coworkers discover my stash.

  6. Emily

    Chelsea & Moxie58 – I will have to try the unsweetened again, I have only tried a sample, so I don't remember, although I'm sure I would love it!

    Tara – I will definitely have to try the mango flavor, it really is amazing how good the ice cream is…people never believe how creamy it is! I think it is way better than ice cream!

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