Is anyone perfect?

I certainly know that I am not, but I do know that some are.  They work out religiously, only eat healthy foods and just have all of those perfect tendencies.
Not me!
Some think that because I’m a nutritionist that I always eat perfect, I never eat cheeseburgers and workout everyday.
Yesterday was a prime example – I had my entire day of food planned, as I shared on yesterday’s posting and for the most part it was what I predicted….
Breakfast was a smoothie, lunch was raw pasta:
(I had to show the picture, I thought it was beautiful!)
But…..after looking at 6 different apartments in downtown Minneapolis, the last thing I wanted to do was go home and cook.  So my taster and I went to a new Coal Fired Pizza joint called Black Sheep and threw the whole idea of a Tofu & Broccoli stir-fry out the window.  (The oyster mushroom, smoked mozzarella cheese & rosemary pizza was well worth it)
I have learned that this is an important concept – if you feel like one thing, don’t force yourself to eat another (aka tofu & broccoli).  You will eat it and then still be hungry for whatever you originally wanted (aka wine & pizza).  Sometimes it is more important to listen to your body then to always eat “perfect”.


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5 responses to “Is anyone perfect?

  1. Susan

    Love your blog – thanks for sharing!

  2. Brian in Mpls

    So my body must constantly be screaming vodka?

  3. MaryBeth Hughes

    what’s that a picture of? it looks so good! alright headed to maidson for a couple of days, ttyl!

  4. Lori

    Excellent advice for sure! That pizza sounds fantastic. My body says pizza a lot actually. 🙂

  5. Emily

    Susan- Glad that you enjoyed!

    Brian – Listen to your body, but you know that I will only condone 6 oz of red wine per day 🙂

    MB – The picture is of my “raw pasta” lunch – raw zucchini shredded into pasta!

    Lori – My body says pizza a lot too! What’s not to love about it?

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